media controller: ITP_Smell_Dano

Gavin bought two battery operated Glade Sense and Spray fresheners at a local drug store and pulled out the logic board and hooked the motors up to the emitters of an NPN 2222 transistors so whenever the Arduino sends a high signal to the base of the transistor the freshener sprays. The only issue was that the freshener used aerosol cartridges instead of heated oil but then again the cartridges did not need to heat up.


Gavin and Yucef then soldered two diffusers to wires and set up parallel circuits on a Arduino board. They also got an IP address from the ITP staff to plug the Arduino ethernet shield into and then Ben wrote some PHP code and put it on his server, so that it would check Twitter to see if ITP_Smell_Dano had received any tweets from his mom or from Woz (Steve Wozniak).

Woz had tweeted Dano, so the Arduino, upon checking the web page, saw that it should spray Woz’s scent. The mechanism on the diffuser worked pretty well for spraying the little canisters.

Here are the Twitter accounts Ben made:


password: itpsmell

Dano received a tweet from Woz, so only one spray will activate.

Here’s the tweet:!/ITP_Smell_Woz/status/129297333379792896

What we then did was added 2 scents and set up a local network via a router and built housing for the Arduino and added some more logic to the code to pick which scent to spray. The housing was done inside of a backback in the shape of an Owl.

We also added 2 more Twitter accounts and figured out which scents should be associated with them (Woz with Apple-cinnamon, Mom with Linen, Girlfriend with Orange Blossom, and Grandma with Vanilla).

More about our code at Ben’s blog.

Testing various sprays via tweets

It sprays out his head!

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